Colorado Child Support: Is Outsourcing Collection The Answer To Payment?

A handful of counties in Colorado are outsourcing child support collections. Colorado Springs is making headlines by using this method in recent years. The Colorado Springs Independent ran an article on the issue, noting that having the private sector fill in to collect child support payments doesn’t just save the county money; it is also more successful at getting parents the money they need to support their children.

Data appears to support the move towards outsourcing. The company used by El Paso County, which Colorado Springs is located in, met a variety of state required goals. These goals include completion of 90 percent of cases requiring a paternity test to determine fatherhood and completion of 80 percent of cases with a court issued child support order. Furthermore, for every dollar the county paid to use this company, the company collected $11.87. This is a huge jump from nearby Denver which used government resources and only collected $4.83 for every dollar spent towards collection.

The Independent clarifies that outsourcing child support payments does not work out well for everyone. Some parents have complained to the news source, venting about negative interactions with private companies attempting to receive payment. In contrast, Jeff Ball, a manager for the private company used to collect child support payments in El Paso County, contends that his company works with parents instead of “laying down the hammer.” He also claims they received close to a 100 percent satisfaction rating on a recent walk-in survey.

Repercussions for failing to make child support payments

Whether complying with support orders or not, parents are required by law to financially provide for their children. As a result, various enforcement tools are available to help ensure payment from parents who are not meeting their child support obligations. One of the more commonly used methods is the income assignment. The income assignment is similar to a traditional wage garnishment, working by automatically removing payment from an employee’s paycheck.

Colorado’s Department of Human Services Division of Child Support Enforcement notes that the income assignment can be used for the entire length of the child support obligation, in contrast to the shorter time limit tied to a garnishment. Child support can also be enforced through the use of health insurance deductions and bank account liens as well as intercepting funds from tax refunds and lottery winnings.

Legal counsel can help

Determining the best course of action when a parent refuses to meet his or her obligations can be difficult. As a result, those who find themselves in this situation are wise to seek the counsel of a Denver child support enforcement lawyer. This legal professional can discuss your options and help guide you through the process.

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